The Ultimate APEX Stealth Package?

Jeff Simon of Simon’s CPR has what he believes to be a better way of fitting a turbo into the Yamaha APEX. Instead of mounting the turbocharger at the rear of the sled where there is more room to work with, he opted to take the more difficult route of mounting the turbo up front, thus the term “front mounted turbo

Simon’s front mount turbo uses an exotic stainless steel header designed to efficiently feed the exhaust gas into the turbine side of the turbo without sacrificing precious exhaust gas temperature and pressure. CPR’s Custom Header is designed for maximum throttle response, which virtually eliminates turbo lag, while retaining a high flow design.

Simon believes the success of his front-mount system is largely due to his elaborate heat shield design that contains the heat of the turbo, preventing it from damaging anything near or around the turbo. Under hood temps are said to be kept at a safe level, and Simon states that you can even hold your hand 1/4 “ off the heat shield without feeling any discomfort, claiming this demonstrates its effectiveness.

Having enough room for all of the plumbing and the turbo requires the installation of a new fuel tank, and Simon’s fuel tank is made of the same type of high temperature material as the stock Yamaha tank, and also has the same protection from heat due to his elaborate heat shielding. Simon states you can touch the fuel tank after a one-mile long wide open run and it will not even be warm.

Crisp, clean and immediate throttle response are the hallmark of this system, as Simon’s fuel delivery system uses an add on controller to fine tune the mixture and constantly adjusts fuel delivery at all throttle positions..

Simon starts with a Garret ball bearing turbo that is reworked for optimum performance in this specific application. It features a water-cooled bearing housing for increased durability, and is lubricated with cooled and filtered oil right from the engine’s sump to be cooled and filtered yet again.

The CPR intake system is designed to optimize boost response by not having excessive volume between the turbo, intercooler, and engine. Cooling the air intake charge is vital to the longevity, reliability, and performance for any engine and that was a primary focus. The cooler your charge temps, the more HP you make. The turbocharged air goes through the largest intercooler available, a super-sized and super efficient air-to-air intercooler. By greatly reducing the intake air temperatures, the engine durability and sustained horsepower are dramatically increased. Simon’s intake system is placed to bring in lots of cold fresh air without becoming clogged with snow. The system also uses a crankcase evacuation system for optimum ring sealing.

Long-term durability and reliability were of paramount concern, so Simon’s base package produces an honest 200 HP. Normal boost levels will be 7.5 pounds and you will be able to run on pump gas and be very trail reliable. An adjustable boost controller allows you to go from mild to wild by simply flipping a hidden switch and, presto! 10 pounds of boost brings you up to 225 HP, which is said to work fine on pump gas for “shorter distances”, like when you need to kick some serious trail. It is also independently adjustable for any hi or low boost settings you would like to run, The Simons APEX turbo kit can also be turned up to 280 hp when max power is needed with good gas.

The exhaust is routed through the stock exhaust canister and is 1dB quieter than stock, and as stated earlier, are totally undetectable from the outside of the sled.
The other guys can’t tell you have a turbo, and neither can noise-sniffing DNR officers. For those applications where noise is not as much of a concern, Simon also offers a high-flow exhaust system that reduces total weight by ten pounds and makes yet another 6 HP. It is said to be comparable to the noise level of a rear mount turbo.

Clutching packages are also available and are a direct bolt –in-and go solution, calibrated to each of the packages.

Price on the kits start out at $5,000,00 US ($1,000.00 down payment keeps all orders serious)> these kits are ready for immediate shipment in mid December. Lake Race versions are also available at $5700.00 and can be tuned to the 360 + HP range with mild engine mods. This is the same type of package used by the Proline / Simon’s CPR / Knapp Attack racing team that divested the heavy mod and open mod classes at the HAYDAYS grass drags setting a new track record on the RX-1 based engines. For you RX-1 and VECTOR lovers, Jeff also has 195 HP trail turbo kits, which can easily be turned up to 280 hp as well. And now up to 550+ hp on race turbo kits, the same CPR kit that currently holds the world record run 0f 7.97 sec E.T. at 170 MPH in a mile.

Simon’s 200+ Horsepower claim comes with a money back guaranty: Simon’s CPR guarantees this kit to make a minimum of 200+ HP in trail form on pump gas on the dyno, no extra head gasket added, on premium pump fuel, or your money back!!!!

Jeff Simon and Simon’s CPR can be reached at 414-698-6611. They are located at 2829 Long Valley RD in Richfield, WI 53076.